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Leaders in development of coopetition models for health insurance companies

As general director I am pleased to present to you our company, characterized for its reliability, flexibility, independence and innovative culture.

ORGOA initiates its activity in 2010, evolving since its beginning in the participation and promotion in public-private collaboration projects, going through consultancy in the area of general hospital services and currently centred in the development of electronic markets based in strategic sourcing and coopetition for health insurance companies. 

We act under advanced technologic software, that use great data bases which generate relevant information for business management.

In this new phase we commit to keep contributing in the improvement of the private sanitary assistance and ensure the satisfaction of the assured in our adhered companies.

I am truly thankful for the trust our clients and suppliers have deposited in us, as for the implication our team of professionals, who day by day try to improve the services that we offer.


Director General


The people who take part in the ORGOA team have grown since 2010, as much in number of members as in experience and knowledge. The ongoing team is formed by 30 professionals of different areas.

ORGOA develops a continuous and measured learning plan that makes the team be in constant personal and profession al growth. The 46% of the team are doctorates and engineers and 54% have accomplished other studies.

Our efforts are aimed towards our constant growth, with a solid team and a perseverant leadership in the sector, for which we count with every agent interested in introducing new ideas, maximizing every strength, and taking advantage of the multiple opportunities existing in a sector of permanent change.


Our main business units are based in strategic sourcing models developed through our 24/7 available E-marketplaces, which empower our clients to have clinic advisory, easily process bureaucracy and benefit of a wide catalogue of products at the best prices.

Between ORGOA’s strengths its wide customer and supplier portfolio stands out.

At the moment, the platforms are used daily by 31 adhered insurance companies. Their medical charts, all the private hospitals, and more than 150 dental clinics and general hospitals have made our catalogues a reference in the sector.

Year after year not only have the business figures of past years’ activity strengthened but they have increased a 60% between 2017 and 2019. This is fundamentally due to the activity brought out from the platforms, whose growth has meant a 33% increase in the transactions registered in this same period.

Our growth strategies for the next years are:

  • Develop new services for our present clients.
  • Search for new clients for our services.
  • Generate new services for the new clients.
  • Internationalization.


Surgical Prosthesis Management Platform

Surgical Prosthesis Management Platform

Accessible to our clients, medical charts and prothesis suppliers. This platform allows to optimize the whole process of the prothesis and osteosynthesis material purchase; from the catalog management, coverage authorization depending on the condition of every policy, provision reports for the insurance companies and invoice compliance for the suppliers.

Purchase Center

Purchase Center

It allows access to multiple suppliers through only one interface; these suppliers cover all our clients needs through a personalized catalogue for hospitals, dental clinics and nursing homes, that includes: consumables, specific material, uniform supply, equipment, office supply, printed stationary, cleaning products, disinfection and all specific products requested by the centres.

Hemodynamic Platform

Hemodynamic Platform

It offers both the physicians and the rest of the professionals participating in the process, a clinical management tool at the service of the insurance companies, whose purpose is to verify the correct indication of the medical acts prescribed of the hemodynamic specialty, guaranteeing compliance with the Guidelines of Good Clinical Practice.

Oncology Platform

Oncology Platform

It provides insurance companies with the tools for the adequate and rational use of all the resources currently available for the treatment of oncology patients. Always looking for the patient's safety and their quality of life, adjusting the doses to their individual requirements and during the period strictly necessary for their recovery in accordance with medical deontology and legislation.


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